Tammany Hall Rules Posting

Tammany Hall Cover

As Essen approaches, we thought we would post the rules to Tammany Hall.  The box will contain full-color rules in English and we will have black and white copies of rules in German.

Here, however, is a posting of both English and German rules in color in PDF form.

Valley Games licenses Days of Steam

Stratamax is pleased to announce that Valley Games has licensed Aaron Lauster’s Days of Steam from Stratamax.  A preview of what is to come is available on their website here.

We’re excited over the new production and working with Valley Games!

Tammany Hall Board shot

Here’s a quick picture of the new board.  If you look close, you can see the new City office that replaces the Dog Catcher.  You can also see the Zones and a few new symbols around that map that give a taste of the changes we’ve made in transitioning from the White Box Edition to this new production.

Tammany Hall Board