Let’s Take a Hike


A cartoonish hiker looking at his map being followed by a Bear, Skunk, and a Racoon

Let’s Take a Hike by Aaron Lauster

In Let’s Take a Hike players draw cards of useful items such as water bottles and tents, add them to their hand, and play them onto the table into their backpacks. When a player is ready, he announces that he is taking a hike. The other players may join the hike or wait to take a hike at a better time.

To take a hike, cards are drawn from the deck and players discard cards from their backpacks as necessary. Players http://cheapdiazepamonline.com that wish to drop out of a hike may choose one card that has been turned up for points at the end of the game. The last player to drop out takes all of the remaining cards that have been turned up.

Timing when to be the Lead Hiker, when to join a hike, when to wait until another time, and when to play the hazard cards drive the players’ decisions.

Let’s Take a Hike has been licensed to Simply Fun and is now available as Pack It