Tammany Hall FAQs

Tammany Hall FAQs

Q: Is it ok to make deals with others or have table talk?
A: Absolutely. If fact, we think it is a huge element of the game.
Interaction with other players, backstabbing deals, and temporary alliances are half the fun!

Q: Are diagonal’s adjacent?
A: No. There aren’t many wards where there is a shared corner, but where there are we do not consider them adjacent.

Q: In phase 2, the board makes it seems as though 2a must preceed phase 2b which must preceed 2c. Is that right?
A: No, the rules clearly state the three subphases of phase 2 may be played in any order so long as they are done in phase 2.

Q: Can I play slander into a ward locked by the Council President?
What if I am the Council President?
A: No and No. Once locked, the ward cannot be further manipulated by any player action or office ability.
One important addition to the rules: Once a ward is locked nothing can be move into or out of the ward.

Q: Is it possible to catch up after a poor showing in the first election? Is it possible to stop a runaway leader?
A: Yes! While it’s impossible to speak to the prowess of any given player, we firmly believe that through player interaction, tough negotiation and temporary alliances all these problems should dissapear. There is only a runaway leader when there is a pack more focused on each other than the current leader.

Q. Is it possible to win if you win the first election and become the first mayor?
A. You’ve played before haven’t you?

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