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News from the Front: Release the Panzers! and Q&A

Release the Panzers!

It is interesting reviewing a lot of the reports of D-Day tank citing. From what I can tell the biggest tank which was in the area of Mission Alb29 StuGany during the first couple of days was the StuG III. Of course to an infantryman every armored vehicle they face looks like a Tiger Tank and everyone was reported shot by a sniper even if shrapnel was a much bigger killer. I am curious what would have happened if Rommel had gotten his way with the Panzer deployment or Hitler has woken earlier to the threat and released the Panzers. Definitely an expansion opportunity here.

Questions and Answers from Kickstarter

Rules: They are now posted on our website click here. I reserve the right to correct things and will be moving around the spacing on a couple of pages before the final printing.

Getting names for the cards and the supporter page: I plan to send an email or message to everyone to get the name they would like to appear on the cards and supporter page as appropriate since I realize many of you are very creative with your names on Kickstarter.

Digital Image (Pledge Level $10): I will send this out after getting everyone’s name.

Card Quality: Thanks to suggestions from many of you we are looking at some additional printing quotes. At this point based on the goals we are looking at at least 300msg casino card stock or better quality. As I may have mentioned before, I have found inconsistencies with various printers when you think the standards are the same, so I don’t want to finalize this till I can feel some examples in my bare hands.

Retail: So, if you have taken a look at the Stratamax webpage you will see that our normal process is to do an initial printing and then have someone else license the product and handle distribution. This lets us focus on new game development. At present we are planning a print run size around the kickstarter size with some extra to run tournaments and sell some off the website, but not a large enough print run to put through distribution. This may change and I will let you know if it does.

Expansions: As you can see above, I would love to do an expansion for “Release the Panzers” and as discussed earlier for the 82nd, 1st, and others. We have some of these ideas in play testing and if we feel we can bring you a quality expansion we will do so. How we do that, kickstarter, sell off the website, etc. has not been determined, but we will be sure to let you know.

News from the Front: Artwork


We really spent a lot of time on the concept for the artwork. Originally, we went with a more traditional, sharper line style. But as we had more play tests and looked around we realized that all the other cards games had the line drawing look. We really wanted to emphasize the more ambiguous nature of combat, especially in the dark, behind enemy lines. When we found Lon we really liked his style and we hope you d* Pathfinder Laustero too. Since our first printing we have gotten some feedback that some of the cards are difficult to read. We have taken steps to make this print run clearer without distracting from Lon’s work. The images I have been posting also have some bleed around the edges of the cards (different printers have different amount of bleed, which makes it challenging.)

Stretch Goals Revised

We would really like to put Lon to work on some new Images, so we have lowered the card stretch goals. Invite your friends!

Card Naming Honors Sold out!

We are please to announce that all the card naming honors have sold out. We are glad you liked this opportunity.


Check out reviews of Airborne Commander at Beast of War and Whose turn is it anyway.

Box Cover Art

The Pathfinder is still leading the way to the box cover. Don’t forget to like your favorite on Facebook!

News from the Front: Suppression

If you are into World War II infantry tactics (and who isn’t?) you will recognize the importanceMortar Tharpe of the machine gun and mortar. We have tried to reflect their importance with the suppression ability and until you master it you will not get far. Standard tactics called for using the machine gun and artillery to keep their heads down while the rest of the squad could flank the enemy. In Airborne Commander this works as well. You may note that the Axis units do not have special abilities like suppression. While they certainly had the same effect, the paratroopers were an all-volunteer, elite force which had been rigorously trained for this battle and frequently advanced when a more cautious force would have remained suppressed. (See Lt. Colonel Robert Cole) On the flip side, of the over 9,000 paratroopers and glider troops involved in Mission Albany; approximately half were killed, wounded, or listed as missing in the Normandy campaign.

News from the Front: One Man

I have been asked if each card represents one man or is representative of a squad, stick, or more. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is yes. While certain objectives were taken by larger groups, on occasion one man made the difference. A good example of that was Sgt Summers. Summers was directed to take 15 soldiers and captu* Sgt Wojcinskire Objective WXYZ, which was a building complex which was used as German Barracks. We had the privilege of seeing this area on our trip. Summers led the charge with his Thompson, but only 2 privates followed him. This group cleared the entire objective building by building and Summers is reported to have personally killed more than 30 German soldiers. For this action he was recommended for the Medal of Honor, but because of the quota system instead received the Distinguished Service Cross. Again, good company if you can’t quite crack that 12 victory point win.