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National Association of Gifted Children Selects Sheepdogs

We are very pleased to announce that the
National Association of Gifted Children has selected
Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill to be included in their Parenting for High Potential Magazine’s Recommended Toy List.

The Recommended Toy List will appear in the October electronic issue of Parenting for High Potential and print copies will be distributed at the NAGC Convention in Indianapolis November 7-10, 2013.

We are honored to have Sheepdogs selected and wish to thank everyone involved in the development, playtesting and production of Sheepdogs.

To help everyone celebrate the news, we’ve lowered the cost to $39.95 (+shipping), get yours today!

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Credit Mobilier Now Available

Rio Grande Games has released Max’s train game design
Credit Mobilier.

It is on sale now at brick and mortar game stores everywhere as well as at on-line retailers.

Credit Mobilier is a “real train game” where players build track, move goods, buy stock and pay dividends. All of this in about an hour. Short rules with lots of examples makes
Credit Mobilier a perfect train game for casual gamers and families while still providing opportunities for strategic play for the more experienced.

We are very pleased to continue our run of licensing games to other companies. Through licensing, our games receive wider distribution while at the same time we are free to concentrate on creating the next new StrataMax game.

Credit Mobilier now joins Days of Steam and Tammany Hall in our list of games that have been licensed for worldwide distribution as well as Let’s Take a Hike that has been licensed for production in Europe. Coincidentally, each of us at StrataMax Games, Max Michael, Aaron Lauster and Doug Eckhart, now have game designs being produced by other companies under license to StrataMax Games.

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License News

We continue our trend of successfully licensing games to other publishers.

Credit Mobilier is due to be released by Rio Grande Games this spring/summer. This is Max’s design that has all of the things that make up a “real train game” as it allows players to build track, move goods, buy stock, and pay dividends.  All in about an hour.

While at Essen last fall we reached an agreement with a collection of Dutch retailers and wholesalers to license a European version of Aaron’s Let’s Take a Hike.

We are very pleased to add these two titles to our other previously licensed games, Days of Steam licensed to Valley Games and Tammany Hall licensed to Pandasaurus Games.

Licensing games to other publishers lets us concentrate on the creation and development of new titles and takes advantage of their experience and expertise in manufacturing, marketing  and distribution.

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Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill Reviews

The reviews are coming in.

Sheepdogs made a good impression in Germany where it was released at the Essen game fair last fall.

You don’t read German? Not much translation need for

“Wow! das materiel” (Wow! the game pieces) and ratings of 7 and 8 out of 10 at spielkult magazine. Also “quite considerable depth.”


“ein solides Spiel”/’A solid game” at spieletest

This from the discriminating game playing palates at the world’s largest boardgames trade show.



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Licensed in Europe!

Let’s Take a Hike will also be available at our booths at Origins and Gencon.

A cartoonish hiker looking at his map being followed by a Bear, Skunk, and a Racoon


In Let’s Take a Hike players draw cards of useful items such as water bottles and tents, add them to their hand, and play them onto the table into their backpacks. When a player is ready, he announces that he is taking a hike. The other players may join the hike or wait to take a hike at a better time.

To take a hike, cards are drawn from the deck and players discard cards from their backpacks as necessary. Players that wish to drop out of a hike may choose one card that has been turned up for points at the end of the game. The last player to drop out takes all of the remaining cards that have been turned up.

Timing when to be the Lead Hiker, when to join a hike, when to wait until another time, and when to play the hazard cards drive the players’ decisions.


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